About Us

What is Join The GreenRush?

Join The Green Rush is a collaboration bringing together thousands of Bay Area cannabis job seekers, dozens of cannabis employers, cannabis industry leaders and partners.

Why Bay Area, CA?

The Bay Area, CA is the beating heart of technology, innovation, finance and cannabis. For a decade California has been leading every sector of the cannabis industry from cultivation and manufacturing, to technology and data science, to marketing and advertising.

Why Join The GreenRush?

Cannabis is America’s fastest growing industry. With legalization spreading like wildfire and $BILLIONS of dollars to be made, cannabis is THE business you need to be in. And there’s no better place to tap the cannabis market than California’s Bay Area.

Why GreenRush?

GreenRush is the cannabis industry’s leader in technology and marketing, connecting patients and cannabis delivery services across California. With over 200 dispensary partners, massive databases, and millions of dollars in sales, GreenRush is perfectly positioned to connect cannabis businesses and talent looking to enter America’s fastest growing industry.

Experience. Results. Positioning.

GreenRush’s unique executive team brings dozens of years of experience in technology, marketing, advertising, event production, and ticketing to the cannabis industry. GreenRush’s team has sold MILLIONS of tickets, produced THOUSANDS of events, and brought together HUNDREDS of companies.

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